Richard Wheatley has partnered with The Angling Trust - Anglers Against Pollution

The Angling Trust are a not-for-profit organisation, representing anglers, fighting for fish, fishing and the environment.

They are recognised by the Government as the National Governing Body for angling in England and partner with Visit Wales and NRW to promote Fishing in Wales. 

They are a member-based organisation made up of anglers of all disciplines providing a united front to represent, grow and protect our sport.

The Angling Trust has been campaigning for cleaner waterways since 1948 and now the campaign Anglers Against Pollution, seeks to give anglers a voice in the fight for a better future for our environment by holding the Government to account for its promises, its actions and its responsibilities.

Our waterways are suffocating from all forms of pollution – from agricultural runoff to plastics, chemical pesticides to raw sewage – time is no longer a luxury we can afford in the fight for a cleaner tomorrow for our environment, our fish and our sport.

You can find out more about the Angling Trust Angler Against Pollution at

Richard Wheatley has an exclusive Angling Trust Anglers Against Pollution Foam box, available in four different colours and with four different types of foam at a cost of £52 each, of which we will donate 20% of the value of all boxes purchase to Anglers Against Pollution.

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